About us

About Aneeza Cosmetics

With the perseverance of our team and their handwork our company was established in 2010 which manufactures a skincare product range by the name of Aneeza Beauty Cream. It is a Dubai based company which has it’s export over 60 countries including

  • West Africa
  • East Africa
  • Central Africa
  • South Africa
  • Entire Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Indonesia, Malaysia, Bosnia
  • Singapore, Philippines, India
  • Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan and
  • Central Asia Countries

We have customers around the world which is why we are true to them and serve to provide them with harmless, easy, sit-at-home treatment for all skin types.


The quality of our product is highly reliable and gives a good result. The reason our product is recommended by the masses. The main focus of our company is the satisfaction of our customer and providing them with the best skin care product. This is because our priority is to protect our customer’s skin parallel to giving them good results.


To ensure the safety and keeping in view the sensitivities of our customer’s skin type, we make sure that our product is properly tested in our labs before processing and packing them. The best part of our company is that we do not use steroids, mercury, hydrophone or any chemical that harms the skin because we care for our customer’s skin. We prepare our cremes according to the region and it’s climate due to which our number of customers have increased over the time and giving us commendable feedback.

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